Create an accounting ledger for transactions.
Create and manage company assets.
Create Code 128, Code 29, UPC-A, UPC-E.
Record a list of software bugs in a database.
Create multiple business cards on a page.
Design logos by adding text to your images.
Convert area codes to states and vice versa.
Search city, state and zip code information.
Create multiple QR codes from text files.
Create your own online questionnaire.
Create a custom database with fields.
Create and manage customer calls.
Create and manage customer orders.
Create and manage customer service calls.
Keep track of income and expenses.
Retrieve information about multiple US cities
Find the distance between lat/long points.
Find the distance between world cities.
Find miles between US zip codes.
Review, add, remove and search fonts.
Display stock quote at full screen.
Generate many acronyms and mnemonics.
Retrieve serial number used by Windows.
Create, edit and maintain reservations.
Create a database for inventory.
Get book information based on ISBN number.
Generate a full list of all English words.
Search/save a list of all city, state, zips
Maintain patient records and histories.
Store, retrieve and manage phone numbers.
Create pie charts based on user data.
Create and manage project tasks.
Get phone number details based on number.
Decode multiple QR codes found in images.
Scroll your custom text at full-screen.
Quickly send SMS messages to multiple numbers
Get statistics for a set of numbers quickly.
Create and manage time cards for employees.
Convert from one unit to another.
Search United States area codes in a database
Search United States db by zip, city, state.
Validate the integrity of credit card numbers
Validate the integrity of multiple UPCs.
Create printable images files from vCard VCFs

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