Create shortcuts for applications, URLs, emai
Block certain keyboard keys and mouse feature
Draw lines and highlight parts of the screen.
Create screenshots of all that is displayed.
Display weather information at full screen.
Make specified open programs invisible.
Hold keys down on the keyboard constantly.
Count the keys and words typed while working.
End multiple processes or tasks at once.
Change your mouse into a helper line.
Use a physical USB device to lock your PC.
Record real-time upload and download speeds.
Record how long each window is active.
Log changes when registry keys are modified
Move the mouse with the keyboard arrow keys.
Alert when temperatures goes over set level.
Encrypt and decrypt files with a password.
Password protect your USB flash drives.
Create and store protected journal writing.
Stop your computer from locking.
Record mouse movements and clicks and save.
Simulate anti-glare screen filters.
Run multiple applications in batch.
Keep track of multiple pieces of data.
Save or print the list of processes.
Displays a video when computer is idle.
Scrape data from textboxes and buttons.
Copy memory card files to your computer.
Display an entire screen of one color.
Display world clocks for 6 different location
Create multiple notes via software.
Replace specified abbreviations.
Uninstall multiple applications at once.
Display the temperature in screen corner.
Record WPM speed over time in the background.

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