Add timestamp/datestamp to multiple filenames
Insert 0 into filenames to keep them in order
Backup an entire drive of files and folders.
Change case of one or more filenames.
Modify the date and time data of files.
Get the file size of many files in batch.
Verify the existence of files or folders.
Copy contents of a CD or DVD to a folder.
Copy a specific set of folders and files.
Copy files based on a date information.
Copy files to multiple folder destinations.
Duplicate multiple thumb drives.
Copy content of multiple folders to one.
Create a HTML file with a list of files.
List the files found in a folder.
Create a text file which shows all folders.
Create multiple files based on text file.
Create multiple folders based on text file.
Create multiple folders or subfolders.
Search for files before, after or on a date.
Generate fake files for testing.
Split one file into multiple smaller files.
Find files by date created, modified, etc.
Find files by the number of characters.
Find files by Bytes, KB, MB, GB.
Search for files containing specified words.
Find folders by character(s) in the name.
Return folders that have specified filenames.
Search folders for unused files.
Convert phone numbers to a consistent format.
Format multiple USB or flash drives.
Insert line(s) in multiple text files at once
Copy multiple folders and files to another.
Vertically append many XML files.
Copy and rename a single file multilpe times.
Create a text file of files and file content
Print many Rich Text Format files.
Randomly copy a specific set of files.
Rename filename extensions of many files.
Rename files with numbers inserted.
Rename many photo, video files by tag.
Change name of many folders and subfolders.
Rename many files based file content.
Change the filenames of one or more RTF files
Search for files by filename and save results
Search for files that do not contain x.
Set the attributes for multiple files.
Change filename of one or more files.

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